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Short Courses (610 courses found)

Adult Literacy and General Education

DNY991A Brief History of the Black Sea (delivered by CAE)City
DHV239A Foodies Tour of Carlton (delivered by CAE)Carlton
DNV337A Paranormal History After Dark (delivered by CAE)St Kilda
HWT762Acting Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HWA368Acting: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
DNY337Albert Park: Follow the Nightsoil Cart (delivered by CAE)Albert Park
DJB004Alexander Technique: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
DNN220American Patrons, Connoisseurs & Collectors (delivered by CAE)City
DNY848An Insider's Guide to Melbourne's Vintage (delivered by CAE)City
DJX977An Introduction to Buddhist Meditation (delivered by CAE)City
DNS047An Introduction to Family History via the Internet (delivered by CAE)City
HWY365An Introduction to Songwriting (delivered by CAE)City
HWY150An Introduction to Stand Up Comedy (delivered by CAE)City
DNI731Art, The Viewer (delivered by CAE)City
DNO054Assertiveness for Everyday Life (delivered by CAE)City
DNY812Atheists - Enlightened, Misguided or Dangerous? (delivered by CAE)City
DNJ797Ban Procrastination: Develop an Action Plan for Life (delivered by CAE)City
DNV395Be Your Own Travel Agent (delivered by CAE)City
HAG590Beginning Creative Writing (delivered by CAE)City
HAX110Beginning Creative Writing: 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DNY641Bird-Watching for Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
DNY818Bird-Watching for Beginners: Wilson Reserve Ivanhoe (delivered by CAE)Ivanhoe
DNP542Body Language (delivered by CAE)City
DNX929Bohemian Brunswick: Arts Tour (delivered by CAE)Brunswick
DJE807Bone Boosters (delivered by CAE)City
DNV373Born for Success: An Introduction to NLP (delivered by CAE)City
DJH588Brain Gym in Action (delivered by CAE)City
DNN239Camino: Walking the Camino de Santiago (delivered by CAE)City
DNW378CBD Creative Inspirational Walk (delivered by CAE)City
DNY988Celtic & Monastic Art in Ireland: Monuments, Metalwork & Manuscripts (delivered by CAE)City
DNW697City of Literature (delivered by CAE)City
DNY815Collins Street: The Melbourne Story (delivered by CAE)East Melbourne
HAV233Copywriting Masterclass (delivered by CAE)City
DJZ093Dance Cardio Workout (delivered by CAE)City
DNT362Discovering Bearbrass (delivered by CAE)City
HWZ062Eminent Renaissance Composers (delivered by CAE)City
DJW764Evening Yoga (delivered by CAE)City
DJC405Exercise for Wellbeing (delivered by CAE)City
DJE809Exercise with Ease (No Floor Work) (delivered by CAE)City
DNY992Exotic Train Trips Around the World (delivered by CAE)City
DNX239Exploring Jewish Culture & Cuisine (delivered by CAE)Balaclava
DNX946Fantastical St. Kilda (delivered by CAE)St Kilda
DJB009Feldenkrais - Easy Back (delivered by CAE)City
DJV025Feldenkrais - Free the Neck (delivered by CAE)City
DJI563Feldenkrais - Natural Flexibility (delivered by CAE)City
DJY459Feldenkrais: Hip Mobility & Release (delivered by CAE)City
DJZ058Feldenkrais: Walk This Way (delivered by CAE)City
DHV241Foodies Tour of North Melbourne (delivered by CAE)North Melbourne
DJC414Gentle Yoga: Beginners and Continuing (delivered by CAE)City
HAI475Grammar (delivered by CAE)City
DNY990Hades Tour: A Brief History of Hell (delivered by CAE)City
DNP412Hawthorn (delivered by CAE)Hawthorn
HAJ341How to Write a How-to Book (delivered by CAE)City
DNS353I Can (delivered by CAE)City
HAI480Improving Written Communication (delivered by CAE)City
DJY822Introduction to Breathing Naturally (delivered by CAE)City
HWY823Introduction to Play Movement (delivered by CAE)City
HAV640Introduction to Writing Your Memoir (delivered by CAE)City
DJC423Keep Fit Stay Active (delivered by CAE)City
HWV737Let's Talk Movies (delivered by CAE)City
HAT137Life Writing Workshop (delivered by CAE)City
DNZ070Luminous Things: Poetry For Our Times (delivered by CAE)City
DJJ610Lunchtime Yoga (delivered by CAE)City
HAK114Making Money From Your Writing (delivered by CAE)City
DJJ505Meditation for Inner Knowing (delivered by CAE)City
DNX928Melbourne CBD: City Gallery Arts Tour (delivered by CAE)City
DNX945Melbourne Street Art (delivered by CAE)City
DNX968Melbourne's Historic Lanes, Streets & Stories (delivered by CAE)City
DNX108Melbourne's Lanes & Alleyways (delivered by CAE)City
DNK397Melbourne's Lanes & Arcades Tour (delivered by CAE)City
DNZ051Monuments of Egypt: The Pyramids (delivered by CAE)City
DNZ045Morality: Good & Evil, Common Beliefs or Fiction? (delivered by CAE)City
HAL004Novel Writing (delivered by CAE)City
DNW694On Top of Melbourne (delivered by CAE)City
DNP544Overcoming Anxiety and Managing Stress (delivered by CAE)City
DJJ503Partners in Touch (delivered by CAE)City
HWV898Philosophy: The Big Questions (delivered by CAE)City
HDY148Photographing Melbourne: A Walking Tour with a Difference! Lanes & Arcades (delivered by CAE)City
HAN208Poetry Writing (delivered by CAE)City
HAX266Publish your e-book on the Kindle and iPad (delivered by CAE)City
DNX590Radical Melbourne (delivered by CAE)City
DNN557Richmond (delivered by CAE)Richmond
DNZ049Savoury Stories & Tasty Treats (delivered by CAE)City
HWT882Screen Acting (delivered by CAE)City
DNY993Searching for Meaning (delivered by CAE)City
DJW774Seated Massage: Head, Neck & Shoulders (delivered by CAE)City
DNW814Sexy & Single - Forming Great Relationships (delivered by CAE)City
DNS670Solving Melbourne's Cold Cases (delivered by CAE)City
HAT551Structural Editing and Copy Editing (delivered by CAE)City
DNZ234Swanston St. to Spring St. Melbourne: Lanes & Alleyways (delivered by CAE)City
DJC412Tai Chi Yang: Continuing (delivered by CAE)City
DJI109Tai Chi Yang: Part 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DJM075Tai Chi Yang: Part 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DNX963The History of the Camino de Santiago: Medieval Times to Today (delivered by CAE)City
DNZ238The Late, Great Shakespeare (delivered by CAE)City
DNY804The Portrait of a Lady (delivered by CAE)City
DNV867The Power of Positive Thinking (delivered by CAE)City
DNQ787The Seven Deadly Sins (delivered by CAE)City
HAP354The Short Story (delivered by CAE)City
DNY890Tips for Women Travelling Solo Overseas (delivered by CAE)City
DNP413Travelling in Japan on a Budget (delivered by CAE)City
SRY933Twitter for Fun: Intro (delivered by CAE)City
DNW855Unlock Your Personal Style (delivered by CAE)City
DJB003Using the Alexander Technique (delivered by CAE)City
DNX091Very Vintage Walk: Fitzroy (delivered by CAE)Fitzroy
DHJ819Vietnamese in Victoria Street (delivered by CAE)Richmond
DNO039Walking Meditation (delivered by CAE)City
HAY346Write a Romance & Sell It! (delivered by CAE)City
HAY967Write and publish your book on Amazon (delivered by CAE)City
HAE661Writing Children's Picture Books (delivered by CAE)City
DNP410Yarra River and History of Inner Melbourne (delivered by CAE)City
DJW767Yoga: Beginners & Continuing (delivered by CAE)City

Animal Studies

Art and Design

HDY674Basic Compact Camera Photography (delivered by CAE)City
HDP314Basic Digital Photography & Photoshop (delivered by CAE)City
HDS394Basic Digital SLR Photography - Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HDQ111Basic Digital SLR Photography (delivered by CAE)City
HVY359Basket Weaving with Native Grass: Fibre With a Twist! (delivered by CAE)City
HVA152Bead & Pearl Stringing (delivered by CAE)City
HVV032Bijoux Porcelain (delivered by CAE)City
HXY163Botanic Art Intro (delivered by CAE)City
HXW847Botanic Art Workshop (delivered by CAE)City
HXX261Botanic Art: Intro (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HVY731CAE Craft Club (delivered by CAE)City
HXZ091Calligraphy (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HXA205Calligraphy Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVY341Ceramic Hanging Planters (delivered by CAE)City
HVJ168Ceramics: Craft Your Way in Clay (delivered by CAE)City
HXM020Children's Book Illustration (delivered by CAE)City
HXA270Chinese Painting: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HXW848Chinese Painting: Continuing (delivered by CAE)City
HXK313Contemporary Ink Drawing (delivered by CAE)City
HVY343Creating Contemporary Soft Toy Characters with Cat Rabbit (delivered by CAE)City
HVS013Crochet for Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HVY646Crocheted Homewares: Rag Rug Baskets (delivered by CAE)City
HDP144Digital Darkroom: Photoshop for photographers (delivered by CAE)City
CBY436Digital Photography for Seniors (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
HDX749Digital Photography for Seniors (delivered by CAE)City
CBX658Digital SLR Photography (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
HDS177Digital SLR Photography: Level 2 (delivered by CAE)City
HDS178Digital SLR Photography: Level 2 Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVY513Digital Textiles: Print Your Own Fabric (delivered by CAE)City
HXS398Drawing for Cartooning (delivered by CAE)City
HXP682Drawing: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
CBX666Drawing: Essentials (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
CBY437Drawing: Intro (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
HXZ090Drawing: Intro (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HXW762Drawing: Intro (delivered by CAE)City
HVZ242Etsy - Creating an Online Store (delivered by CAE)City
HXK243Express Yourself Through Drawing - with Diane Hamilton (delivered by CAE)City
HVY657Fabulous Framed Purses (delivered by CAE)City
HDK866Filmmaking: Start to Finish (delivered by CAE)City
HDZ239Get in My Lens! Autumn in the Botanic Gardens (delivered by CAE)South Yarra
HVI245Glass Blowing: Introduction (delivered by CAE)Mordialloc
HXW301Graphic Novels (delivered by CAE)City
HVX792Hand Knitted Socks (delivered by CAE)City
HVY450Interior Decorating & Design Tour: Where to Find That Hidden Gem (delivered by CAE)South Yarra
HVY449Interior Design: How to Create an Eclectic Interior (delivered by CAE)City
HVP134Interior Design: Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVZ092Interior Design: Introduction (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HVP133Interior Design: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
HVY649Interior Design: Melbourne CBD Tour (delivered by CAE)City
HDV918Intro to Professional Editing - Final Cut Pro Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVY645Jewellery Making (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HVA150Jewellery Making (delivered by CAE)City
HVI762Jewellery Making: Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVX971Jewellery: Memento Resin Pendants (delivered by CAE)City
HVG244Jewellery: Precious Metal Casting (delivered by CAE)City
HVY161Knitting for Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HVY350Knitting: Sewing up & Finishing Techniques (delivered by CAE)City
HXP333Life Drawing in a Day (delivered by CAE)City
HXA292Life Drawing: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HXP342Linocuts: Margaret Preston (delivered by CAE)City
HVY375Machine Knitting 101: Cowl Scarf (delivered by CAE)City
HVY374Machine Knitting Workshop: Dolman Sleeved Cardigan (delivered by CAE)City
HVY379Macrame in a Day (delivered by CAE)City
HXY658Make a Comic in a Day (delivered by CAE)City
HVT766Make a Silver Ring in a Day (delivered by CAE)City
HVP124Mosaic: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HVY160Mosaics in a Day (Ceramics) (delivered by CAE)City
HVX947Mosaics in a Day (Glass) (delivered by CAE)City
HXX245Painting & Drawing Beginners: (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HXW844Painting & Drawing: Beginnners (delivered by CAE)City
HXA273Painting: Abstract (delivered by CAE)City
HXV878Painting: Beginners - with Diane Hamilton (delivered by CAE)City
HXA264Painting: Beginners (delivered by CAE)City
HXV887Painting: Continuing - with Diane Hamilton (delivered by CAE)City
HXZ089Painting: Intro (Daytime) (delivered by CAE)City
HXW757Painting: Intro (delivered by CAE)City
HVQ113Photographic Screen Prints (delivered by CAE)East Melbourne
HDX951Photographing Melbourne: A Walking Tour with a Difference! (delivered by CAE)City
HDY682Photographing Melbourne: A Walking Tour with a Difference: Back To The Future! (delivered by CAE)City
HVA161Picture Framing (delivered by CAE)City
HVY648Pom Pom Pass it on with Pip Lincolne (delivered by CAE)City
HVV810Resin Jewellery Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVP121Screen Printing Intensive (delivered by CAE)East Melbourne
HVZ256Screen Printing Masterclass (delivered by CAE)East Melbourne
HVI544Silversmithing (delivered by CAE)City
HVV593Silversmithing: Intensive (delivered by CAE)City
HVT831Simple Book Binding (delivered by CAE)City
HDY485Smartphone Photography: Get the most from your Phone! (delivered by CAE)City
HVY936Spinning a Yarn: Adventures in Drop Spindling (delivered by CAE)City
HDT115Travel Photography for Compact Cameras (delivered by CAE)City
HVZ243Tunisian Crochet (delivered by CAE)City
HXA301Watercolours: Intro (delivered by CAE)City
HVA120Weaving (delivered by CAE)City




HAV634Blog Basics (delivered by CAE)City
SKH360Bookkeeping: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
SKS235Building Wealth with Real Estate (delivered by CAE)City
SKT854Building Your Self Esteem and Assertiveness Skills (delivered by CAE)City
TDS80Business - Write Your Own Business PlanBox Hill
SKY958Business English – Public Speaking & Presentations (delivered by CAE)City
SKR508Business English - Speaking for Professionals (delivered by CAE)City
SKR519Business English - Writing for Work (delivered by CAE)City
SKT981Business Writing That Works (delivered by CAE)City
FN800Cloud AccountingBox Hill
DNV831Conversation & Social Etiquette (delivered by CAE)City
SKK264Diplomacy and Influence in the Workplace (delivered by CAE)City
SRV934Facebook for Business (delivered by CAE)City
SKW821How to Setup & Run a DIY Super Fund (delivered by CAE)City
SKG091Introduction to Share Markets (delivered by CAE)City
CAX997Move Up! Lecture Series (delivered by CAE)City
SRV818MYOB AccountRight Version 19: Complete (delivered by CAE)City
SKT732Powerful Presentation Skills (delivered by CAE)City
SKY954Presenting PowerPoint Live (delivered by CAE)City
SKT853Project Management Fundamentals (delivered by CAE)City
SRT650QuickBooks: Complete (Desktop Version) (delivered by CAE)City
TDS81Small Business - Planning & StartingBox Hill
CBY509The Minute Taker's Workshop (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
SKT840The Minute Taker's Workshop (delivered by CAE)City
SKT842Time Management: Get Organised for Peak Performance (delivered by CAE)City
CAY421Upgrade Certificate IV TAA40104 to Certificate IV TAE40110 (delivered by CAE)City
SKX230Winning Interview Techniques (delivered by CAE)City
SKT847Writing and Implementing a Business Plan (delivered by CAE)City







Health and Wellbeing


DHY221A Vegetarian Feast (delivered by CAE)City
DNY652An African & Indian Spice Trail (delivered by CAE)City
DHZ047Back to Basics: Cheese, Butter & Yoghurt (delivered by CAE)City
CBX488Basic Bread Making (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DHY647Basic Wok Techniques: Stir Fry, Steaming & Boiling (delivered by CAE)City
DHT163Chocolate Perfection (delivered by CAE)South Yarra
DNZ061Chocolate: Taste, Temper & Take a Treat (delivered by CAE)City
CBX487Coffee - Espresso Basics (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
CBX483Coffee Art (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DHX688Curries from Around the World (delivered by CAE)City
DHY127Dumpling Mania (delivered by CAE)City
DHT873Essential Dumplings (delivered by CAE)City
DHY957Food Styling: For Home or Special Occasions (delivered by CAE)City
DHY373Getting Started with Cake Decorating (delivered by CAE)City
DHW249Gnocchi: Hands-On (delivered by CAE)City
DHY352Hands on Greek Pittes @ Angela's Kitchen (delivered by CAE)Northcote
DHS740Hands-On Pasta Making (delivered by CAE)City
HOHFHHygiene For Food HandlersBox Hill
HTFSAImplement Food Safety SystemsBox Hill
DHY826Indian Vegetarian Made Easy (delivered by CAE)City
DHS092Kitchen Boot Camp for Blokes (delivered by CAE)City
DHW588Knife Skills, Sharpening & Poultry Carving (delivered by CAE)City
DHX246Macarons and Tea Cake @ Ganache Chocolate (delivered by CAE)South Yarra
CBX490Making Chutneys, Pickles and Relishes (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DHY477Pasta Fresca: Fresh, Handmade & Authentically Italian! (delivered by CAE)City
DHS208Perfect Jam & Preserves (delivered by CAE)City
CBX493Petit Fours (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
HTBZ4Prepare and Serve EspressoBox Hill
HTRSLResponsible Service of AlcoholBox Hill
DHY845Seriously Salted Caramel @ Ganache Chocolate (delivered by CAE)South Yarra
CBZ259Simple Cider Making at Home (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DHZ261Simple Cider Making at Home (delivered by CAE)City
DHZ237Slow Cooking for Winter (delivered by CAE)City
CBZ257Smoking Foods at Home (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DHZ258Smoking Foods at Home (delivered by CAE)City
DHW608Spanish Tapas: Hands-On (delivered by CAE)City
DHZ048Tex Mex: Spicy, Hot & Fun to Share! (delivered by CAE)City
DHZ060The World of Eclairs: Sweet & Savoury (delivered by CAE)City
DHY158Traditional Wood Fired Sourdough Bread (delivered by CAE)Hampton
DHY361Wholegrain Masterclass: Healthy Eating (delivered by CAE)City
DHT121Winter in Morocco (delivered by CAE)City

Info Tech & Games Development

ECS45A+ Training (CISCO IT Essentials - PC Hardware & Software)Box Hill
HDV913Adobe Creative Suite: Introduction (Mac) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV900Adobe Dreamweaver: Introduction (PC) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV800Adobe Illustrator: Introduction (Mac) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV776Adobe Illustrator: Introduction (PC) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV909Adobe InDesign: Introduction (Mac) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV768Adobe InDesign: Introduction (PC) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV597Adobe Photoshop: Introduction (Mac) (delivered by CAE)City
HDV599Adobe Photoshop: Introduction (PC) (delivered by CAE)City
SRN262Apple Mac and Internet: Introduction (Mac) (delivered by CAE)City
ECS46CCNA SecurityBox Hill
ECS48CCNA VoiceBox Hill
ECS47CCNA WirelessBox Hill
NPR01CCNP ROUTE: Implementing IP RoutingBox Hill
NPS01CCNP SWITCH: Implementing IP SwitchingBox Hill
NPT01CCNP TSHOOT: Maintaining and Troubleshooting IPBox Hill
NA1E5Cisco CCNA 1Box Hill
NA2E5Cisco CCNA 2Box Hill
NA3E5Cisco CCNA 3Box Hill
NA4E5Cisco CCNA 4Box Hill
CTX03Citrix XenApp - AdministrationBox Hill
CTX02Citrix XenDesktop - AdministrationBox Hill
CTX01Citrix XenServer - AdministrationBox Hill
SRN232Create a Simple Website (PC) (delivered by CAE)City
DNY481Creating a Family History Book (delivered by CAE)City
OT003Database Design and SQL - Learn How to Create and Manage DatabasesBox Hill
EMC01EMC Information Storage and ManagementBox Hill
E6292Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client (On-Line)Box Hill
SRX238Intro to iPad (delivered by CAE)City
SRV886iPad Business Bootcamp (delivered by CAE)City
SRV564iPad for Seniors (delivered by CAE)City
SRX952iPhone for Seniors (delivered by CAE)City
SCIT1ITIL V3 FoundationBox Hill
OT002Java Programming - AdvancedBox Hill
OT001Java Programming - An IntroductionBox Hill
SRA649Learn to Touch Type (delivered by CAE)City
SRY391LinkedIn for Business: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
O0011Microsoft Access 2007-2010 - Core Training (On-line)Box Hill
SRU098Microsoft Access 2010: Advanced (delivered by CAE)City
SRU080Microsoft Access 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
O0012Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 - Core Training (On-line)Box Hill
SRV851Microsoft Excel 2010: Advanced (delivered by CAE)City
SRV842Microsoft Excel 2010: Intermediate (delivered by CAE)City
CBX600Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
SRV827Microsoft Excel 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
O0004Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 - Configuring, Managing and Designing (On-line)Box Hill
O0013Microsoft Outlook 2007-2010 - Core Training (On-line)Box Hill
O0014Microsoft PowerPoint 2007-2010 - Core Training (On-line)Box Hill
SRU082Microsoft PowerPoint 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
E5264Microsoft Project 2010 - OnlineBox Hill
O0005Microsoft SharePoint 2010 - Configuring (On-line)Box Hill
E6369Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Core Training (On-Line)Box Hill
O0015Microsoft Word 2007-2010 - Core Training (On-line)Box Hill
SRV822Microsoft Word 2010: Intermediate (delivered by CAE)City
CBX460Microsoft Word 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
SRV819Microsoft Word 2010: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
CBX466Microsoft Word and Excel: Introduction (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
CBY507MYOB AccountRight Version 19: Complete (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
CBX591Personal Computers and the Internet: Introduction (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
SRV879Project Management: Using Microsoft Project 2010 Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
SRY392Social Media Strategy for Business (delivered by CAE)City
SRY393Twitter: Introduction (delivered by CAE)City
VM005VMware View - Install Configure ManageBox Hill
VM004VMware vSphere Install, Configure, ManageBox Hill
VM006VMware vSphere OverviewBox Hill
M6292Windows 7, ConfiguringBox Hill
M0687Windows 8 - Configuring Windows 8Box Hill
O0002Windows Server 2008 - Configuring Active Directory Domain Services (On-line)Box Hill
O0001Windows Server 2008 - Configuring and Troubleshooting a Network Infrastructure (On-line)Box Hill
O0006Windows Server 2008 - Configuring and Troubleshooting Internet Information Services 7.0 (On-line)Box Hill
O0007Windows Server 2008 - Designing Active Directory Infrastructure and Services (On-line)Box Hill
O0003Windows Server 2008 - Designing Applications Infrastructure (On-line)Box Hill
O0008Windows Server 2008 - Designing Network Infrastructure (On-line)Box Hill
O0009Windows Server 2008 - Fundamentals of a Network Infrastructure and Application Platform (On-line)Box Hill
O0010Windows Server 2008 - Fundamentals of Active Directory (On-line)Box Hill
O0016Windows Server 2008 - Updating Active Directory Technology Skills (On-line)Box Hill
M0411Windows Server 2012 - Administering Windows Server 2012Box Hill
M0412Windows Server 2012 - Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 ServicesBox Hill
M0410Windows Server 2012 - Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012Box Hill


DLV721Arabic: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV723Arabic: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW142Arabic: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX569Cantonese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
CBX526Cantonese: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLW810Danish: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW811Danish: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW964Danish: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV729Dutch: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV923Dutch: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV926Dutch: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
CBY439French for Seniors: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLX970French for Seniors: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLY173French for Seniors: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLZ263French for Seniors: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLB345French for Travellers (delivered by CAE)City
DLV749French: Advanced 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLY505French: Conversation Plus (delivered by CAE)City
DLL852French: Echange de Vues (delivered by CAE)City
CBX564French: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV739French: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX565French: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV740French: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX557French: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV741French: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV742French: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW970French: Elementary 6 (delivered by CAE)City
DLJ032French: Enrichissement (delivered by CAE)City
DLY005French: Expert 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX004French: Intermediate 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLJ033French: Savoir-Faire (delivered by CAE)City
DLB636German Advanced (delivered by CAE)City
DLW020German: Deutsch im Alltag (delivered by CAE)City
CBX540German: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV754German: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX541German: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV758German: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV762German: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLL853German: Weiterbildung (delivered by CAE)City
CBX567Greek: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV769Greek: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX570Greek: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV770Greek: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV771Greek: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV773Hindi: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV774Hindi: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLN206How to Better Communicate with Hearing Impaired People (delivered by CAE)City
DLV788Indonesian: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV790Indonesian: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW498Indonesian: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLE164Italian for Travellers (delivered by CAE)City
CBX547Italian: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV807Italian: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX548Italian: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV809Italian: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW153Italian: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV829Italian: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX005Italian: Intermediate 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLK140Japanese for Travellers (delivered by CAE)City
DLV836Japanese: Advanced 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX551Japanese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV813Japanese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX552Japanese: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV814Japanese: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX553Japanese: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLW154Japanese: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV815Japanese: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW156Japanese: Elementary 5 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW330Japanese: Elementary 6 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV832Japanese: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLY792Korean: Advanced 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV657Korean: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV719Korean: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV720Korean: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW151Korean: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW527Korean: Elementary 5 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW739Korean: Elementary 6 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX204Korean: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX205Korean: Intermediate 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX207Korean: Intermediate 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLR042Last Minute Language for Travellers (French) (delivered by CAE)City
DLR043Last Minute Language for Travellers (Italian) (delivered by CAE)City
DLR045Last Minute Language for Travellers (Mandarin) (delivered by CAE)City
DLR420Last Minute Language for Travellers (Spanish) (delivered by CAE)City
DLB677Latin 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLH884Latin 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLP868Latin 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLP869Latin 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLR525Latin 5 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW475Latin 9 (delivered by CAE)City
DLK174Latin Reading Group (Deliciae Latinae) (delivered by CAE)City
DLZ262Le tour des régions (delivered by CAE)City
CBX559Mandarin: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV840Mandarin: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX561Mandarin: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV841Mandarin: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV843Mandarin: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV844Mandarin: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX579Mandarin: Elementary 6 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV866Mandarin: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW315Mandarin: Intermediate 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLN697Portuguese for Travellers to Brazil (delivered by CAE)City
DLV725Portuguese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV728Portuguese: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX863Russian Continuing: Advanced (delivered by CAE)City
DLV734Russian: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV738Russian: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV752Russian: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX574Sign Language 1 (Auslan) (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLK846Sign Language 1 (Auslan) (delivered by CAE)City
CBX578Sign Language 2 (Auslan) (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLB822Sign Language 2 (Auslan) (delivered by CAE)City
DLV759Spanish for Travellers (delivered by CAE)City
CBX556Spanish: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV767Spanish: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX558Spanish: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV778Spanish: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW244Spanish: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV779Spanish: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW160Spanish: Elementary 5 (delivered by CAE)City
DLY785Spanish: Expert 6 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX887Spanish: Proficient 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW807Swedish: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW809Swedish: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW830Swedish: Elementary 3 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW991Swedish: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLY661Swedish: Intermediate 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV798Turkish: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV802Turkish: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
CBX554Vietnamese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)Box Hill
DLV804Vietnamese: Elementary 1 (delivered by CAE)City
DLV833Vietnamese: Elementary 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW005Vietnamese: Elementary 4 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW319Vietnamese: Elementary 5 (delivered by CAE)City
DLW317Vietnamese: Intermediate 2 (delivered by CAE)City
DLX133Vivavoce in italiano (delivered by CAE)City

Library Studies

Music and Dance

Networking, Telecommunications & Integration

Occupational and Work Preparation

Occupational Health and Safety

Real Estate


Training, Assessment and Education

IET80Train the TrainerBox Hill
IET91TVTC Master TrainerBox Hill