Learning Pathways

If you are an International student please refer to the Pathway to University Credit Transfer Program​.

The qualifications you achieve at Box Hill Institute can lead to employment or further study. VET courses, particularly at the diploma and advanced diploma level, often lead to higher education courses such as associate degrees or degrees. These are delivered at our Institute and Australian universities. Box Hill Institute higher education qualifications may also lead to post graduate study opportunities at masters and doctorate levels.


Pathways at Box Hill Institute

Box Hill Institute has a long and successful history of building on its strengths in tertiary education by working with students to optimise their education opportunities.  The Institute recognises that students who start a qualification at Box Hill have opportunities to continue their studies through to the highest level possible.  It is with this in mind that Box Hill Institute offers courses that cater to a wide variety of skill levels, workforce experiences and academic interests.  

For more information on direct pathways see the Learning Pathways to Degrees brochure.


Pathways at Australian Catholic University (ACU National)

Australian Catholic University (ACU) offers Box Hill graduates guaranteed entry and significant credit towards many degree programs. Graduates with a Bachelor qualification from Box Hill Institute are accepted into the Masters programs at ACU. View the Pathways to Australian Catholic University brochure.

Guaranteed Entry Pathways at Deakin University

Deakin and Box Hill Institute provide quality higher education. Our joint
Pathways Program is designed to improve the skills, knowledge and employment of students living in Melbourne’s east, and makes obtaining a tertiary qualification even more accessible.
The Deakin and Box Hill Institute Pathways Program provides Box Hill students a number of guaranteed entry pathways to Deakin across a range of disciplines.
These pathways are ideal for students seeking a suitably supportive, hands on learning environment as they transition from secondary to tertiary education, did not successfully obtain direct entry to university, or who are looking to study a VET level certification prior to a higher qualification.


Use your Box Hill Institute studies to fast track your way to a Deakin University degree. 




Pathways at La Trobe University

Box Hill Institute has developed a close partnership with La Trobe University.  Through this partnership we have sought to provide students with practical opportunities to advance their education and strengthen their career options by moving between TAFE and university study.  To facilitate this transition, we have developed clear and guaranteed pathways from our diploma and advanced diploma qualifications into a range of bachelor degrees at La Trobe. View the Pathways to La Trobe University brochure.


Pathways at Monash University

Box Hill Institute has signed an alliance with Monash University demonstrating both organisations’ commitment to provide innovative, comprehensive education and training programs and pathways for its students, and outcomes for industry and enterprises. 


Both organisations are dedicated to providing learning environments characterised by innovation, quality and achievement. Learner success is supported by teaching and learning approaches that are highly interactive, practical, experiential, technologically based and are focused on the needs of industry. View the Pathways to Monash University​ brochure.