Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK)


Year became an Extended Campus 2004​​

Location Kuwait
Number of Graduates (up to 2013) ​670

National Code:
Diploma of Arts (Interior Decoration and Design


National Code:  CUV50311
Diploma in Graphic Design


National Code:  ICA50611
Diploma of Website Development


National Code:  ICA50311
Diploma of Information Technology (Systems Administration)


National Code:  FNS50910
Diploma of Financial Services (Banking)


National Code:  BSB51107
Diploma of Management


National Code:  BSB51207
Diploma of Marketing


National Code:  TAE40110
Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Contact Mr James Stafford
Executive Manager, International Business Development
Phone: + 61 3 9286 9699



Box Hill College Kuwait ( BHCK) is an ultra-modern educational institution and the sole private higher education exclusive to women in the State of Kuwait.
BHCK's 50,000m2 purpose-built campus provides a comprehensive student-centered learning community to meet the educational needs of their students and community through innovative instructional services and student support programs. The campus includes parking, cafeteria, swimming pool, student association and social areas, state of the art library, student bookshop and a 230 seat purpose-built auditorium.
The program disciplines currently offered by BHCK require 2 years of post-secondary full time study exclusive of any preparatory requirements. The programs are offered in English, and are accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework and by the Kuwait Private Universities Council and Ministry of Higher Education. New qualifications in Management Information Systems and Human Resources are being introduced in 2014.
BHCK offers students pathways to employment as well as undergraduate degree programs through transfer and articulation agreements with Kuwait and international universities.
A feature of BHI’s support to BHCK has been the specially designed and contextualised teaching and learning materials which recognise the cultural needs of women in the Middle East. Qualifications are developed in conjunction with industry and with a strong emphasis on developing relevant and practical skills with a work experience component where possible.  

For more information visit the BHCK website.